The following is an email that I sent to my other brother who is not associated with this blog in anyway. In order to protect his anonymity, Big Nate and I lovingly refer to him as No. 2.

Dear No. 2,

When I was 16 years old you told me one of the most important lessons of my life. It was my birthday, and we were at 10,000 Maniacs dancing on top of the hill. It was my very first concert with both of my big brothers. Even though I was very happy and excited to be there, I was reluctant to dance. You told me to dance as if no one was watching and to enjoy the music.

To this day, dancing is something that makes me uncomfortable; however, I try very hard to remember what you told me. For years, it was like a metaphor for my life.

As you know, there have been many times in my life where I did not have much of a filter. But you also know that I have a darker, sadder side to me that is very guarded. It is the darker and sadder side that makes your metaphor about dancing like no one cares even harder for me to let go. Dancing as a metaphor for letting go.

I dance all of the time now. It is always at home. And always fun.

The only reason that I write this email, is because at Christmas you and I and Nate were dancing around the campfire. I saw in you the same reluctance that I had when I was 16 dancing on the hill. You said that night that you were not much of a dancer. I was a little shocked to be honest. I just wanted to remind you of what you taught me long ago.

I love you very much!


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