I found this recently. It is something I created while in graduate school. I think it is amazing that there are recurring themes of social justice that interest and excite me. 

The 12 Steps: Recommendations for Educators

1. We admitted that our cultural background is not always “right” or “normal.”

2. We became aware that cultural differences exist.

3. We came aware of culture clashes.

4. We made a decision to develop knowledge of cultural variabilities and how they influence the learning process.

5. We were entirely ready to have high expectations for all students and resist blaming others for students’ underachievement.

6. We pledged to spend time reflecting on our own teaching practices.

7. We sought to improve our information about our students.

8. We promised to develop an understanding for the problems facing first and second language learners.

9.  We developed an understanding of the interactions among language, culture, and disability. 

10. We continued to teach the rules of the game while respecting students’ cultural backgrounds.

11. We adopted an integrated approach to instruction.

12. Having built trusting relationships with students and parents, we vowed to utilize a variety of strategies in educating culturally and linguistically diverse learners.


Based upon: “Recognizing and Responding to Cultural Difference in Education of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners,” from Intervention in School and Clinic, March 2005

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