Four Your Favorite Number

Undiscovered I:

The streets are blocked

Just like my mind

Uncomfortable and hot

I search for a cool drink

And all I hear are the echoes of your voice

At the card table

Searching for the Marfa lights

In your bedroom

Nature swoons to remember you

The wind across the desert

The butterflies and birds of all colors

But mostly your laughter in mine

I miss you

Undiscovered II:

The Marfa* lights are distant tonight

Red acrylic chairs hold those you love

Mexican glasses hold libations of dreams

Around cards and

‘Oh My Love if I Could Just Find You Tonight’

Plays through the air

Memories abound

Summer solstice thickens the air

As the late season pollen settles

I hope and wish you are familiar

‘Sweet Child of Mine’

Baskets of fruit give way to cravings

And yet you will always be what I crave

I miss you

Undiscovered III:



Rise up




If only





Undiscovered IV:

Agave blooms and id bracelets found among unknown paths

Everything reminds me of you

Desert tumbleweeds

Prickly pear blossoms

Chili rellanos and cheap margaritas

I wore a cactus dress for the occasion


Full and tired

I don’t know how to sleep



I miss you


*written in Marfa, Texas









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